Who is dating eve

She soon starts a friendship with Invincible after the two meet saving a shipment of video game consoles from a Mauler twin.Although she does not join the new Guardians of the Globe along with her former Teen Team teammates, she continues as an active superhero for some time.

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After sharing a friendly hug and an awkward pause afterwards, they share a passionate kiss.

In Invincible #34, Invincible meets a version of Atom Eve from 15 years in the future who confesses her undying love for him.

She instructs him to either tell her that he loves her or that he hates or doesn't want anything to do with her romantically, so that she could get on with her life.

She eventually decides that her talents are being wasted on superheroics and that she could do more good elsewhere.

Subsequently she quits superhero work and moves to Africa to engage in aid work.

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