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(See Topic A1 for claims of bad dates.) Creationists, on the other hand, must explain to us how sediment and rock laid down in a mere year can yield such fantastic, orderly differences in radiometric ages.

This poses a fatal problem whether one believes in the accuracy of radiometric dating or not!

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If most of the geologic column were created during Noah's flood, would it really matter whether a zircon crystal was found in Cambrian strata or Cretaceous strata, in Jurassic strata or Tertiary strata?Once the worth of index fossils had been established on the basis of stratification studies, they could logically be used to extend the correlation of rock formations to other continents.At this point in time they were simply a useful tool for correlating rock formations.What does the Jurassic strata have that the Tertiary strata do not? Neutrinos penetrate the earth so easily that they would affect all strata more or less equally, to the extent that they affect anything at all.If rock type mattered then we would expect a zircon crystal's lead content to vary dramatically within the Cambrian or Cretaceous strata according to their local rock types. Cosmic rays, on the other hand, don't penetrate that far into the earth to begin with, so we can rule them out.

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