Updating windows xp home to windows xp professional

For many of you, particularly those with older machines running older versions of Windows, if you haven't upgraded yet, you're probably not going to pay for an upgrade later.

So that gives you just about two weeks to get it together and do the upgrade now, while it's still free.

So, to download files and set up the thumb drive, a working, modern machine will help. If you don't want to go the thumb drive approach, you can burn your Windows image to DVD. But then again, I use re-watching old Top Gear episodes the way some people use Xanax, so, you know...

I won't be discussing this, because I've done my absolute best to forget DVDs ever existed. An old machine running Windows XP (or Vista, I guess).

Back in November, he wrote about how you could do a clean Windows 10 install using Windows 7 or 8 license keys.

At the time he wrote that, you had to be opted into the Windows 10 insider channel, but he tells me it's now available to everyone.

This point is probably obvious, but for the sake of completionism, I'm including it.

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Here's a helpful guide on what you'll need to do, including links to the Microsoft compatibility checker.You should practice the various procedures several times, including updates from various older Windows operating systems and different means of installing Service Pack 2.Be sure you know when you can upgrade directly to Windows XP and when you can install the various post-installation upgrades.To get the free Windows 10 upgrade, you need to sacrifice a Windows 7 or Windows 8 license.Many of us have a bunch of licenses left over from machines we've taken out of service, so dig around.

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