Things to say on sexchat

Have you wanted to participate in Twitter chats, but aren’t sure how? I find it to be a great medium, especially for disability activism.

You’ll be taken to a page full of tweets with a navigation bar like the one below: If you click on ‘Latest,’ you’ll see tweets as they come in under the tag.

To like someone’s tweet, you simply click that heart.

There’s also a text bubble at the bottom with a one next to it. In this case, I replied to it myself to expand on my thought. That little carrot in the upper right allows you to copy the link to tweet or share this elsewhere, embed the tweet, or even do things like report content as long as you’re logged in.

Additionally, you can now quote-tweet which allows you to add a short comment while sharing the tweet in question.

One of the best uses for this is to add trigger or content warnings.

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