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Davenport Catering is pleased to offer a wide selection of buffet and served meals as well as options for hors d’oeuvres, late night buffets, brunches and parties.No party is too small and no event is too large for us.On–site Valet parking for all your guests make the convenient trip even more so.

We are also the bar and restaurant of choice for “A very friendly restaurant and pub. My favorites include chopped Cobb salad and their Victor Cheeseburger.

You decide how much you want your income to be and tailor your efforts accordingly.

Whether you just want to ease the burden of the family budget and indulge in a few luxuries like Stay-at-Home Mom Kirby or build a team and work your way up to a full-time corporate-equivalent income like Achiever Debbie, you decide how much you make.

From the moment you arrive at Riccardo’s By The Bridge you will see why this Astoria, Queens catering landmark has been the setting for over 50 years worth of memories.

Riccardo’s is the perfect banquet hall, able to host an event of any size, from a gathering of 50 to a grand affair of over 400 guests.

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