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In order to meet these needs, EAAA announced during the meeting a change in its leadership structure, shifting from a single executive officer to a “3 1” arrangement consisting of three directors and one president. Sannikov, formerly the executive director of EAAA, now serves as president, overseeing all operations of the Association.Taras Dyatlik is now the EAAA Educational Development Coordinator, based in Rivne, Ukraine.At the end of the meetings anew EAAA Board was chosen which will serve for the next two years.EAAA increasingly emphasizes the development of national authors.Sannikov listed five important trends that have developed over the last two years which are exerting an influence on evangelical theological education in Eurasia: 1) a growing interest in theological education among Pentecostals and Charismatics; 2) a growing interest in master’s-level programs--EAAA hopes to finalize master’s degree standards by the middle of2012; 3) the search for different ways to overcome these-called “admissions crisis” through, in particular, the development of distance education and extension study centers and new educational programs which are geared more to the needs of the church; 4)significantly increased interest in foundational research and the raising of teachers’ academic qualifications; and 5) professionalization of EAAA administrative work and the strengthening of EAAA’s influence.Australian Roger Kemp updated the conference on the work of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education—ICETE ( which is part of the World Evangelical Alliance and one of EAAA’s most important international relationships.

Several important issues were discussed during the meeting.

For many years EAAA has been growing and expanding its ministry.

While maintaining its core work in the accreditation of post-secondary, evangelical theological schools in Eurasia, EAAA finds that research, training, and online resources(both courses and libraries) have become increasingly important.

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