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This trope can be extended to Iconic Items the character never actually had, such as Holmes' deerstalker.

For tropes actually about beaming characters up, see Teleporters and Transporters.

She made herself clear then began to walk out the door.Sometimes the trailer shortened the quote to save time, and its version became better known.This is all well and good, but we here at TV Tropes think people should at least know what the line they're paraphrasing is bumper sticker - "Beam me up, Scotty, there's no intelligent life on this planet." It finally made an appearance in the franchise when William Shatner himself said it in the audiobook version of his 1995 novel version of the command was said to him with any regularity. See also Dead Unicorn Trope, Cowboy Be Bop at His Computer, Mondegreen, God Never Said That.But now it is time to spread her wings without him. She knows she owes him everything, and when he becomes upset, she knows exactly how to repay him.She arrives at his house with a surprise in store, and it's something that only he will have ever experienced. Ashly Anderson - Treat Me With No Respect Ashly Anderson was finally ready to leave her abusive and overprotective boyfriend.

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