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On Dec 31st we were pocketed and surrounded under the beach. Ran along beach in an endeavour to break through enemy lines but were seen by Japanese minelayer working off-shore and captured by them.” I have a note I wrote in 2007, frustratingly without any provenance. The Dutch Red Cross responded to me about the Hainan letter saying that they had very little detail on their Hainan POWs and would be grateful for whatever we could give them.It reads: "Sawyer, RAVC, describes an attempted evasion by sea with Middlesex G. I pinged Elizabeth Ride in Norway to see what she could do to help.Pre-war we had been colleagues as Stenographers with the HK Government.During the battle for HK, Joan was a VAD nurse at Bowen Road Military Hospital.I also heard a rumour that another Hong Kong stalwart had passed away, but I will reserve comment until I hear further.31 Yet another bomb (probably another ANM-65) has been found in Wanchai, in close proximity to Saturday’s.I suspect both fell in the harbour, but had been covered up by later reclamation.A more accurate account is probably Sui Geng, Ward, page 146, which describes a nurse called ‘Mrs Hollands’ as being ‘lightly wounded’ on this day while serving as a volunteer on a harbour launch under police control, recovering British troops (Lt. The Royal Hong Kong Police, Crisswell and Watson, page 174 specifies that she was wounded in the stomach, and was accompanied by another nurse, Mrs Sando.Hong Kong Police War Diary records: ‘In spite of the two European ladies being made to lie flat on the deck Mrs Holland received a bullet wound in the abdomen.’ But the Queen Mary Hospital records (which state that she lived at 6, Minden Avenue, and give her age as 45) are unequivocal: she was admitted and was pronounced dead on the same day.

On the 28th, met a Chinese man who described three dead men (presumably the Americans). Elizabeth Ride today sent the Netherlands Red Cross all the BAAG documentation on Dutch POWs in Hainan, and I followed up by sending them a copy of the letter (see the fifth) which had sparked this conversation.25 A correspondent notes: “I recently purchased an Army Long Service medal named to 1866149 W. etc - NA WO 208/3260): “(a) On the 17th August our HAINAN operation was cancelled as the Americans stated that they did not need our help and assured the Commandant that they had everything planned for that area.

Reggie served in the Wavy Navy HKong and was a POW in Kowloon.” Barbara and Joan had been close friends for all these years.

Joan’s father was William Seath of the ARP, killed by the Japanese on Mount Parker Road.

The second was Kenneth Frederick Sawyer, RAVC, who wrote: “Attempted escape from Hong Kong island on Dec 25th 1941 after cessation of hostilities.

As air raid in progress - stole sampan and attempted to reach coast of mainland but winds made it impossible. Total concealment difficult; Chinese reported presence to Japs who sent out patrols which chased us for six days.

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