Salman khan dating elli avram

The actress was helped by Khan as she was searching for an apartment when she was new in Mumbai.The two were seen together in ‘Bigg Boss’ and then Salman also promised Elli that he would get her one of his own films.The actor gave wings to the career of several beauties – Katrina Kaif, Daisy Shah, Sneha Ullal and Zarine Khan.

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If I don't want do settle down and get married to someone, it does not make any sense in even being with him," she says. Even when he is not shooting, he is always cracking jokes.Salman then made arrangements for her since she had to stay in Mumbai, “He has found her a place to stay in Bandra so that she can be accessible to producers, and plan her future projects with them. I feel fortunate to have his guidance on my career. She has had success with her 2013 film ‘Mickey Virus’ that featured her as Kamyani.He has even appointed a team of bodyguards for her safety.” Elli has been asked whether there is really something between her and Salman Khan. That time too, Salman had come forward to extend his help along with some other celebs in the promotional video of the film.She was quick to deny any such bond, but expressed her gratefulness to the actor. Two things grab headlines of the media within no time.

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