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In modern times, durbars are held in honor of visiting heads of state. The horsemen are dressed in vividly colored costumes, with period weapons, and are accompanied by a drum corps and musicians.Modern Durbar festivals include prayers at the start of the day, followed by parades in town squares or in front of the local Emir’s palace. Each group must gallop at full tilt past the Emir, then halt and salute him with raised swords.The main Muslim and Christian festivals are often celebrated in ways that are unique to Nigeria or unique to the people of a locate a Gaya In Igboland, in addition to a church service and distribution of gifts the festivities may include Mmo (masquerade) dancing, where men in their twenties or thirties dress in colorful costumes and wear masks.These masquerades, which pre-date the introduction of Christianity, honor the ancestral spirits.Christmas and Easter may be times of heightened tension between Christians and Muslims in some areas.

It began in the year 1934, as a mark of the end of the centuries-old hostility between the Sokoto Caliphate and the Kebbi Kingdom.

Churches were burned in some parts of northern Nigeria, and some Christians were killed in post-election violence.

About half of the population of Nigeria adhere to the Muslim religion, with Muslims living throughout the country but particularly in the north.50% are Muslims 40% are Christians and 10% percent are other practiced religions The three-day festival of Eid Al Fitri celebrates the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a period of fasting from dawn to dusk each day.

In the past, such prestige robes were traded over vast distances and similar or related garments are found throughout much of West Africa.

They are called agbada (Yoruba), riga (Hausa) and boubou (corruption of Wolof mbubb). Akinsoroju, the Lapoki of Aye in Ondo State, Nigeria, where he ruled for over 50 years until his death in 2002.

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