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In all it is estimated that 15 000 kg of the precious metal were removed from the Gulgong fields between 18.

By 1881 the population was down to 1212 and the boom years were over, although gold was found in small quantities until the end of the century.

Copies of some of the images are situated in the museum.

Some Heritage Buildings About 130 of the town's buildings are registered with the National Trust. In Bayly St there are the Roman Catholic Church, the convent school and the presbytery, as well as St Luke's Anglican Church (1874-76).

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Martial law was declared in 1824 and armed settlers roamed the countryside murdering Aborigines on sight, thereby decimating the tribe which was dispossessed and completely broken by the 1840s.

Herbert St has the courthouse, the Italianate-style Post Office Hotel, Ulan County Council chambers, the Classical Revival decoration of the library (formerly the Wylandra Shire Hall) and the simple weatherboard facade of the former Australian Joint Stock Bank.

The police station and residence (1878-79) are in Medley St.

On a less salubrious note, 73-year-old Alexander Mc Kay became one of the victims in the murderous rampage of Jimmy and Joe Governor (see entry on Gilgandra) when, in 1900, he was bludgeoned with a tomahawk near Ulan, 25 km north-east of Gulgong. The ovens and baking equipment remain on-site and unaltered. The domestic artefacts have been arranged thematically into an 1870s dining room, a bedroom and parlour c.1880, an 1872 kitchen and an 1872 bakehouse.

The Gulgong Folk Festival is held in December/January, the annual show in March, the Henry Lawson Festival in June. The museum's one-acre grounds include a reconstructed blacksmith's shop and the Gudgeon Cottage which provides an insight into a typical working-class home from 1891.

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