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And it turns out that it was Jason who suggested the BBC revive the show in the first place. Life must be cushty – surely the BBC gave him a nice little bung on top of his salary for coming up with that idea? 'No, they didn't,' he laughs, as it dawns on him he might have been something of a dipstick in the negotiations department. When superfan David Beckham joined Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney Trotter) for a Sports Relief sketch in 2014, he said afterwards: 'Now I can die a happy man.'Jason opens his mouth to say something, then stops and shakes his head. It doesn't matter how popular you are, if you are a jobbing actor, you are a jobbing actor.

The clever ones these days set up their own production companies and make the money that way.

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He lives a comfortable life in a nice house in the country with his wife of 11 years, Gill Hinchcliffe, 56, a former floor manager and mother of his 15-year-old daughter, Sophie Mae.

He clearly wears good clothes – today he's sporting a well-cut tweed jacket and an expensive tailored shirt – and he is a qualified helicopter pilot, although he doesn't own his own helicopter. I became an actor because I wanted to become an actor.

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