Is sarah paulson dating amanda peet

Whatever you do, don't ask most femmes to come out of the glass closet.They love it so very much.simply because they are not lesbians to begin with r39,that's why they want some dick on the side. In the real world people don't give a fuck about you and your personal life,so there is no need to pass as straight unless that is something (the dick I mean) that you intimately and sometimes embarrassingly crave (aka bisexualism)Amber has her own island, a yacht, 5 or 6 mansions all over the world, her own plane and she recently got her beloved Mustang renovated into a high class roadster (among other cars Depp has bought her)." who then, of course, found a man, got pregnant, and is happily heterosexual. Michelle Rodriguez, who last year said that fucking men was a refreshing change from all those years of pussy-munching.These Hollywood Fake Lesbians make everything seem like a choice, a whim, a playful jaunt for publicity. Then the other issue is the media that instead of labeling things in the right way (like "x person is in a same sex relationship/had same sex encounters") , they just play the lesbian or gay term in case of men when people who previously had straight relationship/sex are in a same sex rl/sexual encounter.I wonder how her wife feels reading those self-hating and homophobic comments.And there's Clementine Ford, about whom Cybil Shepherd was Tweeting, "I love my LESBIAN daughter!I think the Hollywood lesbian scene pretty much reflects what's happening in the real world. Bisexuals seems to only be bisexual until they meet a man.Women still want their pussy with some dick on the side.

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As I've said for years, they can do whatever they want to do -- but I wish they would shut the fuck up and do it privately.Not that lesbians necessarily have the same cause anyway so maybe they don't care.To be fair to Amber Heard, she was legally married (during that brief window of legality in '08, pre- Prop 8) to Tasya Van Ree.(Allegedly she still has girls on the side.) Did he join our team and it's a double-beard?(Some were claiming this about him and Vanessa Paradis, and his career is basically reduced to playing the FLAMING-Gay-but-you-can't-say-that-because-we-need-the-kiddies'-$$$ Jack Sparrow in between flops.) Or is it really the romance we're told it is?

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