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And no matter your skill level, you will have a Camp-inspired piece to take home with you by the end of class!Art: Papermaking Convinced you haven’t a creative bone in your body? Learn how to turn found items – such as leaves, pieces of scrap paper, & old magazines – into unique pieces of paper that are works of art unto themselves.Designed as an outlet of expression through drawing and not a measure of how well you can draw, the class will offer fun for the novice or advanced artist and will include instruction, a series of timed poses, and a little bit of gentle feedback.Art: Oil Painting Let the Camp landscape be your inspiration as you utilize small canvases & oil paints to tap into your inner Monet.This is a rare opportunity to create a unique (very butch!

Art: Block Printing This fun class utilizes easy-to-cut rubber blocks to create unique monochrome and two-color prints on paper.Or you can simply choose to simply relax by the lake all week if you like.At ‘Camp’ Camp, your ‘best time ever’ is completely up to you!Dance Robin Williams may have wanted his dancer in to “Keep it all inside,” but at Camp, you get to bust out with a kinesthetic celebration of the joy of motion! The class includes an introduction to common camera features, basic concepts of composition and lighting, and lots of tips & tricks.You can experience the basics of everything from modern dance to ballet to social dancing. Learn the basics, then capture the beauty of Camp during an afternoon Photo Walk!

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