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Arendas described what her parents thought of the peculiar, highly publicized courtship.

"I hope they're thinking good things," she said with a laugh. I know it took me by surprise and it definitely took them by surprise as well."Avsec said his sister met her fiance on Tinder, which gave him hope, he said, "that this is where it's at.""No pressure," exclaimed Arendas, earning a laugh from the crowd.

don't know who I just took a picture with but my mom is going nuts.'Another priceless caption next to the photo said: 'I thought you said Justin Bieber.'While another read: 'portrait of a teen following Justin Timberlake in real time.' Do you want to automatically post your Mail Online comments to your Facebook Timeline?

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Ryan's run-in with Timberlake came at the end of the singer's performance, when he ran up into the stands to finish out 'Can't Stop the Feeling'.

The teen became a quick online sensation because he appeared to be more interested in something on his phone than he was in the performance.

The students' sarcastic years-long courtship earned them unexpected celebrity when Avsec tweeted their tongue-in-cheek Tinder conversation on Twitter July 7. Their banter had many pleading with them to seal the deal for real, even though they had never and only got to know one another through a series of press interviews.

Despite the attention the story received, the two chose not to meet. The nearly 7-minute segment was reminiscent of Hearts are melting across the country!

'My phone is almost dead,' Mc Kenna said in an earlier interview with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. I've got like 36 Snapchats, like 21 DMs, and like 150 follower requests on Instagram.' The Patriots fan from Scituate, Massachusetts says he was unprepared for his brush with fame. The two had never seen each other before, despite first striking up a conversation in 2014 and their story becoming a viral sensation two weeks ago."It is so good to finally meet you," said Avsec, after both stepped out from behind a wall on the set.Their first meeting, hug and in-person conversation occurred before a nationally televised audience.But he later explained that his phone had crashed and he was struggling to pull the camera up on his phone to take a selfie with Timberlake.'I had a video going, and then my phone got shut off, and I had to pull back up the phone to get the picture going,' he said.

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