Forced sex fantasy chat

First, you don’t want to injure your partner physically or emotionally (beyond what you mutually agree upon), and second, there are significant legal and life-changing consequences if your actions go beyond what you’ve agreed upon and escalate to the point of a true rape.

How Do We Go About Carrying Out a Rape Fantasy Scenario?

I’ll explain below how to bring this up with a partner, but assuming you have and wish to move to putting it into action, you need to work out some details.

You therefore need to have a good line of emotional and communicative connectivity to your partner.

This is going to be tricky, unless you and your partner are into “rape” or rough sex genres of porn.

It’s important to plan out the basics, but don’t overthink it.

You’ll want to talk about safe words or safe actions that can be used to stop play (by either partner), as well as any safe sex practices you want to incorporate.

Some women will want to be physically abused (e.g., being slapped, beaten, choked out, etc.), whereas others will simply want to be tied up and fucked.

BDSM scenes often involved ritualized rape, but that’s subject for a whole other conversation.

As a Woman, How Do I Tell My Partner I Have a Rape Fantasy?

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