Dating chanel costume jewelry

Sometimes, the person who buys the jewelry may request that the piece be engraved or monogrammed.Typically, you'll find engravings on the back or underside of the jewelry, and they'll take the form of a message, name, or date.More than 5,000 years after emerging as a culture, the ancient Egyptians are still influencing style and design.

These are the legal requirements: It's also common to see other marks on jewelry.This is important because silver-plated and sterling silver items look virtually identical to the untrained eye.Understanding the metal content of your piece can help you make sure you get the quality for which you're paying.You'll receive information about the person or company who filed the patent, when it was filed, and sometimes drawings or details about the design.While many jewelry marks are present at the time the jewelry is manufactured, that's not always the case.

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