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This, in turn, implies a common monetary policy, a high degree of compatibility of economic policies and consistency in a number of other policy areas, particularly in the fiscal area.

The aim is to gear these policies to price stability, balanced growth, rising and converging standards of living, high employment and external equilibrium.

Few of us are lucky enough to own a full set of copies dating right back to 1973 but recently this fascinating resource has been digitised making available more than 40 years of TV history to both GTC members and non-members.

Quite a few back issues are also available for purchase in the Zerb Shop.

Zerb is unique in that it is both edited and largely written by camera operators, Do Ps and camera technology experts.

Each issue is edited by a different member of the GTC acting as guest editor with the overall operation overseen by a managing editor for continuity.

We recommend avoiding Firefox as the browser for accessing the archive as the Page Suite hosting page doesn't work as well on that platform.

GTC members also have extra rights as a benefit of membership accessible via a GTC member log-in page.

Alternatively, you might like to consider joining the GTC to enjoy a wide range of member benefits.

The GTC's twice yearly journal has been around since 1973, the year after the Guild was started.

The hazy origins of its eccentric name may be hidden in the mists of time but the content of this well-respected magazine is always cutting edge and relevant to working camera crew.

Supuestamente medica ella, que en el momento de revisarla me dijo: esta chica no tiene orificio auricular!!!! Imagínense mi horror ante semejante profesional que no era capaz de ver el agujero de la oreja de mi hija!!!!

Le dije que no importaba, que la dejara nomás y acto seguido la lleve a un pediatra particular.

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