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In northern Somalia was Barbara or the Bilad al-Barbar ("Land of the Berbers"), which was inhabited by the Eastern Baribah or Barbaroi, as the ancestors of the Somalis were referred to by medieval Arab and ancient Greek geographers, respectively.

Because a refrigerator is not just an electrical appliance, and a bonnet is not just car part.

Most people just click on faces without reading text, so if you started reading, I'm already impressed ;). I find the positive man to creation the strong relationship and family. I like to read books, cook, swim, sing songs, play to piano. Hi, I am doctor ,physician, Russian with good English,looking for my other half,white man English speaking,who would like to have nice,kind wife and create family.

Since I think that most of these texts people over exaggerate to present someone as perfect, looking for someone .. I will be waiting for your letter to me....(no games ,pleas..

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